Sex dolls Olivia and Sophia 160, and 162 cm

$ 4,807.50

  • PVPR: Capacidad mantenerse en pie - Con ( esqueleto articulado +70€) $ 3,867.77
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muñecas de silicona con calor y sonido sex doll spain

Test your fantasies with these sex dolls 160, and 162 cm more than realistic.

The sex dolls Olivia and Sophia, 160, and 162 cm are made of silicone standard fully resistant and elastic, high-quality and waterproof for your fantasies aquatic....

With function of Heat and Sound built in .These wrist silicone moan when you move it around or squeeze their breasts, they also are heated up to the 37th.

Sold both of her wrists together, each one with the type of hair, eyes, skin, and breasts presented in the pictures.

Clothing and accessories not included.

The sex dolls Olivia and Sophia, 160, and 162 cm are little dolls sex that will raise the level of your sex toys to the levels of the TWENTY-first century.

It is closer to the realism that they try to bring other products to the leisure sexual your objective which is to serve as a tool to "emulate" the reality and stimulate you sexually.

With our sex dolls that reality becomes an experience available to the eye and to the touch, why imagine if you can live in person with our dolls sex?

Make it real !

More details

Sex Doll Spain guarantee you that our sex dollsare built with a metallic body of stainless steel If you want a girl 24 hours, this is your chance to buy these dolls inflatable of the TWENTY-first century", and enjoy our sex dolls with all the guarantees. Designed through a process of injection of silicone standard ,that give your doll a realistic resistance and elasticity unmatched, if you want to know more about this material check out our section on the silicon standard and the TPE

  • Olivia 160 cm ( brown hair)
  • Sophia 162 cm (blond hair)
  • Olivia 31 kg
  • Sophia 35 kg
  • Olivia Bust: 77 cm - Waist: 65cm - Hip: 88 cm
  • Sophia Bust: 86 cm - Waist: 64cm - Hips: 86 cm
Length shoulders:
  • Olivia 40 cm
  • Sophia 43 cm
Length of arms:
  • Olivia 65 cm
  • Sophia 72 cm
Length legs:
  • Olivia 77 cm
  • Sophia 81 cm
Length feet:
  • Olivia 20 cm
  • Sophia 21 cm

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