Sex doll Uma 160 cm

$ 2,256.06

  • PVPR: Capacidad mantenerse en pie - Con ( esqueleto articulado +70€) $ 1,651.24
  • PVPR: Capacidad mantenerse en pie - Sin $ 1,651.24

New product

Test your fantasies with the sex doll Uma 160 cm Como all of our sex dolls 160 cm, has the following characteristics:

  • It is made of silicone, standard, tough , soft and elastic (differences between the TPE and the silicone standard)
  • Resistant to water, shower with your girl silicone
  • Account with a metallic hinged , stainless steel, to be able to put your sex dolls in different positions.(So that you can stand should be selected that option )
  • Heats up your sex doll . Our sex dolls also retain the heat for several hours after applying a hot water bath.
  • Customizable elements : Hair, color of skin, Color of eyes, Color of nails of the feet, type of vagina, and ability to stay on his feet
  • Quality certificates available.
  • Sex doll manufacturer original, NOT a copy of poor quality
  • THERE are dolls inflatable.....some of us are still asking.....xD

Clothing and accessories not included.

More details

Sex Doll Spain guarantee you that our sex dollsare built with a metallic body of stainless steel If you want a girl 24 hours, this is your chance to buy these dolls inflatable of the TWENTY-first century", and enjoy our sex dolls with all the guarantees. Designed through a process of injection of silicone standard ,that give your doll a realistic resistance and elasticity unmatched, if you want to know more about this material check out our section on the silicon standard and the TPE

  • Height :160cm
  • Bust: (CM):106
  • Waist (CM):63
  • Hip (CM):102
  • Width of shoulders (CM):36
  • Length of leg(CM):77
  • Diameter thighs (CM):58
  • Depth vaginal (CM):22
  • Deep anal(CM):20
  • Deep oral (CM):19
  • Weight (KG):45.2

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