Certificates of Quality of the Sex Dolls:

certificados de calidad de las sex dolls

All our dolls silicone TPE realistic or sex dolls have all the official certificates of safety and hygiene, as well as all the Rohs Test for distribution in Europe. Test ETR Standard Technology Co., Ltd, product certificate EUROPEAN STANDARD ON SAFETY OF TOYS EN71-1:2011+A3:2014.

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Our manufacturer has the patent on the production models, soft thermoplastic elastomer or TPE. Are treated polymer intertwined, give as a result, one of the materials more advanced and respectful with the environment (TPE). Makes the surface skin of the wrist ,smooth and delicate, as well as an excellent elasticity , which enhances the soft feel and elastic of the human skin to the touch and to the eye.

All materials comply with the european regulations of Health and Safety, concluding that the material is harmless for people . As shown by our certificates of quality sex dolls.

If you're interested in buying sex dolls and you are interested in safety and quality,, be sure to comply with all regulations, required to see the certificates of quality, not only you protect you protect all of us dedicated to the sale of sex dolls, since that one bad experience can affect the entire sector.

Any questions about our certificates of quality sex dolls ", please contact the tel 930178022 or in info@sexdollspain.com