That differs us from other websites or shops online

Until the arrival of the Sex Doll Spain, try to buy dolls silicone had the following problems:

  1. Problem legal tax: many businesses and/or suppliers affect the tax liability on the recipient, not showing the price of VAT on their products that finally the end customer must pay at the time of delivery of the product, thus a product with a very attractive price can be expensive if you add the 21% VAT on the retail price that you must pay in Customs. With Sex Doll Spain you have the security of buying a product that has already been declared at Customs and shipped from our facilities in Barcelona.
  2. Trusted provider: today you can find many dolls or silicone sex dolls on platforms such as Alibaba ,Aliexpress, Amazon or Ebay at a competitive price, but it is extremely difficult or imposiblie verify the truthfulness of the advertisements or of the merchants, owners of the ad, despite having codes of verification or opinions, so that in addition to the problem about VAT mentioned before, you have to add the possibility of "phantom" vendors with multiple tabs as a trader in these platform purchase and that , if you're lucky, and speak English, you will not be able to telephone so that in the best of cases, you will be met by e-mail. With Sex Doll Spain you are dealing with a company based in Spain with a phone customer service fixed 930178022,and with a physical address in Barcelona , C/Via favencia 359 Barcelona. It also has the documents that credit him as the official agent and authorized manufacturers, in both your professional and your customers have the assurance that the doll of silicone are original and not copies of low quality. ( click here to see the documents of official agent)
  3. Quality of products: The majority of trades and/or suppliers do not show certificates of quality of their products and as you may already know, the European Union requires some standards, that in the case of inspection you will need to demonstrate that these products are suitable for distribution in the EU. In Sex Doll Spain we offer our customers quality certificates that prove that our sex dolls are suitable for distribution in the EU ( click here)
  4. Prices and costs : Although, as deciamos before, you can find competitive prices on other online platforms, in addition to take into account the costs of customs duties, 21% VAT plus a 3% customs charges, you have to keep in mind on the one hand the costs of currency conversion, since the majority of trades and/or suppliers are outside the EU, and the fees of Paypal or your bank to make the payment, not to mention that none will let you pay in installments. At the end can result in an increase in the product of more than 30% over the price shown on the web page of the online commerce. With Sex Doll Spain, the prices that you see on the web ,are the ones who will end up paying, you can pay via paypal or transfer in euros to save the commission and also you can pay in installments your sex dolls to be able to finance your purchases.

Buying sex dolls don't play the game, it relies on Sex Doll Spain